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Garden Sheds in Gatineau, QC

Storage Sheds in Gatineau

Built sturdy with striking designs, our Gatineau storage sheds elevate your property’s potential. The standout units optimize storage and come equipped with a slew of customizable features. When selecting a chicken coop or a garden shed, Gatineau homeowners can choose from a rich catalogue of PVC windows, steel doors, anti-theft features, gutters, colours, finishes, and more.

Engineered to take on Quebec’s toughest winters, each storage shed is built with an aluminum core and adjustable floor jacks that can accommodate slopes of up to 6 inches. Check out our step-by-step guide to see how easy they are to install. No foundation work and no contractors mean more money saved.

Prefab Garages for Sale

In addition to our prefab sheds, Gatineau residents are levelling up curb appeal and convenience with our prefab garages. Available with 2- or 4-slope roofs, these premade garages come in models of all sizes with full customization options. Installation is easy, and structural specifications can meet Gatineau’s regulatory requirements. Check out the city’s website to learn more about Gatineau’s construction bylaws and permits.

Chicken Coops in Gatineau

Did you know that you can raise chickens in Gatineau? The sustainable hobby has exploded in popularity since 2020 and only continues to grow. If this activity piques your interest, check out our Gatineau chicken coops for sale near you. Engineered to house up to 5 hens comfortably, our chicken coops are designed in spruce for all-season functionality. They’re easy to access, a cinch to clean, and come unpainted to customize as you see fit.

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