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Prebuilt Garden Sheds in Laval, Quebec

Storage Sheds in Laval

Laval garden shed solutions are made easy courtesy of our signature floors with adjustable jacks. No base preparation means more money saved. Our signature prebiult shed installations in Laval are quick and extremely cost-efficient. Other Laval sheds don’t offer the flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness that our designs bring to the table. Moreover, because our storage sheds are so easy to install, Laval residents often opt to DIY their garden shed project and save hundreds of dollars. The process is simple. Check out our installation guide.

Prefabricated Garages

Our prebuilt garages also provide big solutions to Laval residents. We offer an incredible range of garage options: 2- or 4-slope roofing, a wide catalogue of garage doors, thermal windows, different coatings to match your home, a wide spectrum of façade cornices and much more. We also ensure that all garage specifications meet Laval’s municipal guidelines (height, placement, foundation, waterfront property regulations, etc.) and will provide building plans directly to the city. To learn more about Laval’s shed and garage guidelines, please consult the city’s page or speak to one of or Laval shed specialists today.

Chicken Coops in Laval

Also, if urban farming is a passion of yours, know that we’re also rolling out new chicken coops for Laval residents. These highly resilient chicken coops are insulated for winter and, like our sheds and garages, feature a wide range of size and colour options. Create a design that’s all your own.

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