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Garages & Garden Sheds in Saint-Colomban, QC

Storage Sheds in Saint-Colomban

For a wide selection of durable, beautiful, easy-to-install sheds, St-Colomban residents needn’t look further than Cabanons Mirabel. In addition to offering an incredible range of shed options, we design our structures with clever technology that saves you money and installation time. Thanks to our adjustable jacks that accommodate up to 6-inch slopes, our St-Colomban sheds require little to no foundation work and make it easy for you to take on the project without the need of a contractor. Want to see how easy it is? Our installation guide walks you through the process.

Garages For Sale Near You

In addition to our best-in-class sheds, we also offer an extensive catalogue of prefab garages. St-Colomban residents can select from a near-endless array of options. Thermal windows, siding, security features, 2- or 4-slope designs—create a structure that perfectly accommodates your aesthetic and practical needs. Moreover, our premade garages are designed to accommodate St-Colomban’s construction guidelines. For more information on St-Colomban garage specs, check out the city’s page here.

Chicken Coops in St-Colomban

Did you know that St-Colomban also permits urban chicken coops on land of 1,500+ square meters (more info here. )? If you and your family are interested in this fun and sustainable practice, Cabanons Mirabel can equip you with a beautiful chicken coop. Available in a range of colours, these easy-to-clean prefab coops keep your flock comfortable and safe year-round.

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