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Garages & Garden Sheds in Saint-Sauveur, QC

Storage Sheds in Saint-Sauveur

Discover our wide selection of Saint-Sauveur garden sheds. Built to withstand harsh Quebec winters and available with a slew of options, our storage sheds offer Saint-Sauveur residents the province’s best possible storage solutions. And the best part is, they’re also all ingeniously designed to save you time and money. Adjustable floor jacks that accommodate up to 6-inch slopes let you erect the structure without the need for foundation work and contractors. Want to see how easy it is? Check out our step-by-step installation guide.

Prefabricated Garages for Sale

And if you’re in the market for prefab garages in Saint-Sauveur, we offer a wide selection of 2- or 4-slope roofed models with a near-endless range of customizable features. Weatherproofed windows, different door styles, colours and finishes, façade cornices—work with our team to design a prebuilt garage that’s as beautiful as it is functional. And to save you the trouble of navigating zoning regulations, we’ll ensure your prebuilt garage adheres to all of Saint-Sauveur’s many rules . We’re committed to providing you with the smoothest installation possible. At Cabanons Mirabel, we pride ourselves on our services as much as we do our first-in-class sheds and garages.

Chicken Coops in Saint-Sauveur

Interested in the prospect of family poultry farming? Good news—Saint-Sauveur allows personal chicken coops on properties of 1,000 square meters or more (you can read the complete regulations on the city’s website here ). Our beautiful chicken coops meet Saint Sauveur’s spacing specs and are designed with winter in mind. They’re easy to clean and come in different colours.

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