• Asphalt shingles installed according to the standards of the industry;
  • OSB panels of 7/16″ thick
  • 2″ X 4″ each 24″ center roof trusses with reinforcing wedges and galvanized steel plates;
  • Sheet metal roof available;


All our sheds come with an aluminum cornice. Roof flashing and gutters available on request.


  • Frame in 2 “X 4″ each 16” centered;
  • 88″ walls height
  • Tops of walls are doubled, corners and sides of doors are tripled;
  • OSB panels of 7/16 ” thick;
  • Vinyl exterior coating with a large choice of colors (other type of coating also available);


Floor in 2″ X 6″ each 12″, centered, with reinforcing rails in 2″ X 6″ and adjustable cylinders resting on several blocks of concrete included.

5Steel doors

Steel doors with 79 “or 84” height, optional windows available, with a PVC sill. All our doors are equipped with 3 anti-theft hinges, a PVC cold cut, door chain, a key-operated handle, a door handle and deadbolt. The door frames are available in colored PVC or aluminum nailing strip in the color of your choice.


A wide variety of PVC windows with nailing blades and tiles are available in 11 standard colors. Different glass types are also available.


PVC or aluminum blinds (large choice of colors in option)


Aluminum awnings (large choice of colors optional)

9Flower box

Flower box in wood, PVC or aluminum (large choice of colors optional)

10Door and window heads

Aluminum door heads and windows (large choice of colors optional)