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We're preparing the ground!

Do you have big projects?

From leveling to concrete slabs: customized solutions for every need

Whether you need simple land leveling and the installation of a solid gravel base, or you opt for a concrete slab for increased stability and durability, our experienced team adapts to your needs and takes care of the entire land preparation. By entrusting the land preparation to our experts, you are assured that your shed or garage will be installed on a solid and stable foundation, allowing you to enjoy it fully for many years.

Trust Cabanons Mirabel for a worry-free turnkey installation!

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Service d'excavation et de préparation de terrain | Cabanons Mirabel


Our sheds can be installed easily and without much preparation thanks to their unique adjustable jacks resting on concrete blocks. However, if your backyard is more uneven, you want to invest to maximize the longevity of your shed, or you have chosen a large project requiring optimal preparation of your land, our excavation service is ideal for a turnkey project carried out professionally from start to finish.

Although they are practically invisible once your shed is installed, a solid foundation will ensure a sturdy and durable construction.

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Service d'excavation et de préparation de terrain | Cabanons Mirabel

Excavation and
Site preparation

Our excavation department works in seamless coordination with our installation teams to properly prepare the ground for the construction of your garden shed or garage.


Whether you require leveling of the ground and installation of a sturdy gravel base, or you prefer a more robust concrete slab for added stability and longevity, our highly skilled team will handle all aspects of site preparation, allowing you to confidently enjoy your new building.

Service d'excavation et de préparation de terrain | Cabanons Mirabel

Solid foundations
for your garden shed or garage

Our sheds are designed for easy installation with minimal preparation, utilizing innovative adjustable jacks on concrete blocks. If your backyard is uneven or if you are looking to enhance the longevity of your shed, our excavation service provides a professional turnkey solution for optimal site preparation.


Although they’ll be virtually invisible once your garden shed is installed, a solid foundation is crucial for a durable and long-lasting garden shed, ensuring a sturdy construction.

Ready to lay the foundations for your project?

Service d'excavation et de préparation de terrain | Cabanons Mirabel

An experienced team
for impeccable work