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Cabanon Mirabel



Cabanons Mirabel is a family business that designs and installs top-quality products that stand out from the competition. Available in a wide range of models, our top-of-the-line sheds, garden sheds and garages are practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.


Always on the lookout for trends and customer needs, our models are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be fully customized to meet the most exacting requirements. Choose from a vast selection of doors, windows, siding and roof shingles to create a custom garden shed that perfectly matches your home or landscaping style.


Mirabel sheds and garages are factory-built, protected from the elements, then assembled on site by expert teams to ensure a perfect fit and impeccable finish.

Cabanon Mirabel


Our big specificity at Cabanons Mirabel? The high-quality floors are equipped with adjustable jacks to prevent the eventual subsidence and moving of the ground. Thus, installation is done with astonishing ease and requires very little base preparation.

Solid, well-conceived and equipped with reinforcement, Cabanons Mirabel floors have contributed to the reputation of the brand and the happiness of countless customers. Indulge yourself!

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  • Floor in 2″ X 6″ at 12″ center;
  • reinforcement rails in 2″ X 6″;
  • Adjustable cylinders resting on concrete blocks (included)


  • Carpentry in 2″ X 4″ at 16″center;
  • Height of the walls to 96″or 88″ at your choice;
  • Wall tops double-lined, corners and door sides tripled;
  • OSB panels 7/16″ thick;
  • Vinyl exterior cladding with a large choice of colors (several coatings also available);


  • Asphalt shingles installed according to industry standards;
  • OSB 7/16″ thick
  • Roof trusses in 2″ X 4″ to 24″ centers assembled with reinforcing wedges and galvanized steel plates;
  • Sheet metal roof available;


  • All our sheds have an aluminum cornice with soffit;
  • Roof flashing and gutter on request;


  • 79″ high steel door, full or glass, with broom and PVC sill.
  • All our doors are equipped with 3 anti-theft hinges, a PVC cold cut, a door chain and a handle with lock.
  • All door frames are made of pine and covered with aluminum. Several choices of colors are available for aluminum.


  • A wide variety of aluminum windows are available in many standard colors. Ask for different glass choices.
  • PVC shutters (large choice of colors optional)

1-year labour warranty

We offer a 1-year labor warranty on our garages and sheds.

Materials warranty

Manufacturers' warranties vary according to the grade of the product, the conditions to which it is exposed, and the maintenance it receives. Generally speaking, manufacturers offer limited warranties ranging from 15 to 50 years.

3-year warranty on structure

The structure of garages and sheds is guaranteed for 3 years. The warranty does not apply if the garden shed is placed directly on the ground or if the structure is in direct contact with water or any soluble product.

Mélanie Landry

We’ve built a big garage. And since I work up north, it’s hard for me to communicate by phone. So we communicated by e-mail before, during and after construction. I sometimes had questions, and the answers were always very quick. I recommend them without hesitation.

Eric Gingras

Excellent service from start to finish. Very attentive staff and an extra star for smooth and easy communication. 5 stars +.

Dominique Longtin

From the beginning with our salesman to the installation, only good people! They really listen to our needs. We’re really satisfied, and we’d have no hesitation in recommending them: a warm, professional service!