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unique & innovative high-end sheds and garages

unmatched quality of construction

We've been innovating for over 30 years to offer you products of high quality which stand out unequivocally from the competition.

Superior quality frames

We don’t use but 2” x 4” to 16” center, doubled top of walls and tripled side corners of doors.

Adjustable Floors

With a unique adjustable suspension to control potential ground sags.

Windows & doors built onsite

Offering a vast choice but most of all a superior quality control.

Cabanons Mirabel is Quebec’s leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of garden sheds, storerooms, and garages. Cabanons Mirabel products are of high-end quality and innovative concepts.

As Quebec’s leading manufacturer of sheds, storerooms, and prebuilt garages, we at Cabanons Mirabel strive to provide the best professional services. For over 30 years, creativity has always been our greatest passion. Our company is committed to meeting client satisfaction with innovative and top-quality products, tailored-made to meet clients’ most stringent requirements.

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