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The regulations for sheds and garages may vary considerably in each municipality. Our experts are here to inform and advise you in that respect. Please note: most municipalities provide information about these regulations on their websites. List with the links.

Adjustable jacks

Thanks to our adjustable jacks, installing one of our sheds requires no base preparation if your yard is on a less than 6-inch slant.

Our delivery timeframe is quite fast. Here at Cabanons Mirabel, we understand how every minute counts. Therefore, we want to insure a speedy delivery.

Yes. For those who know how or wish to build-up and install one of our sheds or garages, they can do so. In the process, you will save your money.

Do you know how to use a hammer, a screwdriver and a level? If so, you are ready to install our Cabanons Mirabel sheds, storerooms or modular garages. With a little practice you will be able to save a few hundred dollars.

Labor: 1 year, Roof asphalt: 25-year warranty from the manufacturer, Aluminum and vinyl: 40-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Absolutely. Our team will fulfill your needs in that matter.

Yes, and you will be amazed. These floors equipped with the adjustable jacks are one of the major benefits with Cabanons Mirabel. The adjustable jacks are what differentiates us from our competitors. Some have already tried to copy our system, but with no avail.

Thanks to our adjustable jacks, the installation of our sheds requires very little base preparation if your yard has less than a 6″ slant. This is what makes us different than our competitors and what makes you save time, energy and lots of money.

Our sheds and storerooms mainly differ from others with respect to our floors with adjustable jacks. Made with 2” x 6” and equipped with reinforcement beams, these floors are sturdy, very flexible and easy to install. Furthermore, they help to save hundreds of dollars on preparing the yard for their installation.

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I really appreciated the staff as well as the service. You have a nice business. For that, I wish yo

Léon-Pierre Bergeron

Quality shed and professional service

Alexis Joyal

Very satisfied with the services received. Very close to their customers.

Mathieu Maillé

Very good service, fast and efficient. Thank you

Remi Pouliot

Personalized and fast service. High Quality Sheds, Thank you!

Martin Angers

Thank you Cabanons Mirabel I am very satisfied with my mini garage as well as your customer service

Michel Lacelle

We are satisfied with our purchase and the service received. In store and on the phone, the employee

Maxime Colleret et Diane Rioux

Excellent service. Fast, clean and efficient installation. Thank you.

Maxime Roy